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Do you want to do a business but you don`t know, what you would offer to trade?
You know the product, which you would like to sell but you don`t know how to get it into Czech republic or to the other countries?

Or you only want to fill any new product into your current range?

Our Services

Finding a suitable supplier

Negotiating the minimal order quantity, time of incoming products a transfer conditions

Ensuring production

Keeping the quality of production

Calculation of final price without VAT including all costs with transferring and customs

Arranging certifications

Transfering products into Czech republic (including ways of insurance)

We do things differently company providing global transporation services.Focused on helping our clients to build a successful business.


We research the goods, match your requirements of manufacturer. We will provide the required quality for further testing, for both domestic and foreign markets. We order and provide complete transportation including handling and customs fees. We deliver the goods to the place where you want.


You already sell your products on the European market but you say that the types of products you are still missing something? We can help you.


Didn`t you find a product on the European market, which you want to sell or it is too expensive? We can help you ...

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